What makes you the person that you are?

The study of genealogy will give you the answers.

Your thought processes, little mannerisms, political leanings and sense of purpose. The many things that are intrinsic to our make-up can all be explained through history and the use of genealogy.

It is not just your past, but the past of your forebears that contribute to your very being. Let us help you find out exactly why you are who you are.

The journey of discovery is not always pleasant. Sometimes skeletons are found in cupboards. Sometimes we have relatives we would rather not have found, however, this should not be seen as a negative. In fact, the misfortune or hardship that our distant relations may have incurred often makes our own modern-day prosperity something that is all the more appreciated

There may also be many twists and turns along the way. Fortunes may, of course, be lost as well as gained. Whatever your story is, we are sure that it is worth discovering and we guarantee that it will certainly not be boring.

We have over thirty years’ experience of bringing stories like yours to life and we cannot wait to get started on your journey of discovery through the study of genealogy.


How can we help you unlock the secrets of your family’s past?

As a result of our extensive knowledge and the use of different genealogy techniques including, but not limited to, the interviewing of relatives, the research of historical records and even, if desired, genetic analysis, we will produce a factual document for you which will take you back as far as records will allow.

All of the information that you receive from us will have been checked and rechecked to ensure the highest level of accuracy. However, there may be times where events cannot necessarily be proven, in which case there will be conjecture and we will highlight the possibilities and the probabilities of the given situation based on the study of genealogy. 

We can bring your story to life with pictures, audio, videos and place your family members at the time major events were occurring around them and affecting their lives. We do not just produce a list of faceless names. With our documents, produced on paper or even electronically, your story will have the resonance of a historical biography that you and your family can be proud of.

What do we offer?

Our work on your family history through the study of genealogy can cost as little or as much as you want it to. 

Before we start, we, like you, have no idea what we may discover. The twists and turns of history that shape all of our futures can sometimes be complex and difficult to unravel.

Through our experience, we have discovered that the best way of producing an affordable factual historical record of your personal family history is by paying an hourly rate for our research services that will be determined at the time of our initial consultation. 

Some of our clients prefer to set up a direct debit and pay us on a monthly basis that we will then work to. On the other hand, some other clients prefer to pay as they go. We have other clients that have had money left to them by a relative and they have used that or part of that gifted sum to complete their family’s story through the study of genealogy. 

Whichever method suits you, we can agree upon the best process before we embark on this journey of discovery and enlightenment together through the study of your family’s genealogy.