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In keeping with our commitment to providing both the best advice to our customers throughout Essex, Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services’ trusted partner will provide you with the best possible investment advice, both now and in the future, since they can offer you a broad array of services including –


General Pension and Retirement Advice including – (a) Complimentary Pre-Retirement readiness assessment; (b) Help with identification of all potential sources of income in retirement; (c) Review of current Pension Plans; and (d) Collation of historic schemes to one more easily manageable source as part of the investment advice provided.

Private Client Investments through – (a) Discount access to whole of market funds and star fund managers; (b) Bespoke tailor-made capital protected plans and managed portfolios; (c) Stockbroking facilities; and (d) tax planning to ensure returns and income are tax efficient and other related investment advice.

Corporate Investment Service to get the most from all monies that held on deposit within a contractor’s Limited Company.

Increased Income Yields with the maximum possible tax efficiency wherever possible through the investment advice given.

Offshore Investment Planning including the purchase of bonds and Property, along with other related investment advice.

Financial Concierge and Lifestyle Management with a view to ensuring that you are handling your money effectively to maintain your lifestyle both now and in the future and are not living beyond your means.

Complimentary Protection Review to ensure tax efficiency and relevancy through the investment advice given.

General Business Insurance Review to guarantee that all Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance policies are correctly implemented for the right amount of cover to provide you with the protection you need.

Specialist Corporate and Private Banking Facilities including all matters from rapid account opening to Savings Accounts, Loans, Credit Cards and preferential Foreign Exchange rates, as part of the investment advice given.

Full range of Accountancy Services including Forensic Cost Auditing and Reduction as well as Research and Development along with the reclaiming of Capital Allowance in the circumstances.



You should consider using our trusted partner’s services for the investment advice that you need, since they already deal with more than a thousand high net worth clients due to their professionalism, accountability, transparency, level of experience and the fact they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Additionally, our trusted partner offers annual charges between 0.5% and 1% cheaper than their competitors whilst their focus is wholly upon you and your needs since they recognise people like you work exceedingly hard to build your wealth and that that same wealth should work equally hard without having to take unnecessary risks to increase its value.

To find out more about the investment advice that our trusted partner provides, why not give Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services a call directly or e-mail us at today with your name, telephone number, service you require and a convenient time to call you back in locations throughout Essex including Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester?