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As part of Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services offer help to people like you living and working in Essex, we are also able to provide you with Certified Document Translations of any document written in any language into any other language of your choosing.

The translations that Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services are able to offer you are carried out to the highest professional standards with both culturally appropriate accuracy and confidentiality at the centre of the service that we are able to provide in this regard.

That we are able to offer you this translation service centres upon the fact that we make full use of a dedicated team of linguists via our service provider who are pre-selected professionals, certified and with expertise in the project assigned to them.

Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services translation service is both accessible to and used by individuals, businesses, profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies.




Our translation service includes (but is not limited to) providing translations of –

  • Marriage and Divorce Certificates
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Educational Certificates
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Court and Witness Transcripts
  • Affidavits and Sworn Statements
  • Websites
  • Advertising Materials (e.g. leaflets and brochures)

Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services offer competitive rates and fast project completions to meet the needs of clients like you.

Why not give Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services a call directly or e-mail us at today with your name, telephone number and service you require (including a copy of the document you want translated in a PDF or Word format) in locations throughout Essex including Braintree, Chelmsford and Colchester with a FREE no obligation fixed quotation within 24 hours?