Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services provide bespoke Estate Planning services, including Wills in Chelmsford, to clients each and every day throughout Essex. As a result, we consider ourselves to be well-equipped to be able to cater for your particular needs and circumstances by expressing the exact wishes of clients like you as clearly as possible in the Wills that we write in Chelmsford. This is because, in looking to tailor our Estate Planning services to the needs of individual clients, among other things, we are able to offer you home-based visits (or even come to your place of work should it prove to be necessary) throughout Essex at dates and times to suit you and your busy life to help clients like you get their Wills written in the busy city of Chelmsford.
Therefore, you can book a date and time for a consultation for us to come and see you knowing that there is no need to take time out of your working week or your leisure time to make arrangements to come and see us to get you Wills completed in Chelmsford. This is because it is Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services aim to make the process as easy and stress-free as we possibly can for you from the outset of our service. As a result, we are even able to offer you EVENING APPOINTMENTS to suit the particular needs of clients like you when it comes to the writing of their Wills in Chelmsford.
Our overriding aim is to look to give both you and your family and loved ones the peace of mind that you need, both now and in the future, through the provision of Estate Planning services that everyone needs to take advantage of, that includes the completion of Wills in Chelmsford. This is because, for example, completing your Wills in Chelmsford, you could avoid potential problems and consequent heartache that could arise for those of your family and loved ones that you leave behind if you do not have anything formally in place in writing. On this basis, it is of vital importance for clients like you to look to clearly set out your wishes in your Wills in Chelmsford to be adhered to. This is because it is on this basis that clients like you may have their wishes effectively expressed in the writing of their Wills in Chelmsford that may then be legally recognised and acted upon accordingly by those that you leave behind for those that you would like to be able to benefit in the circumstances from the value of your estate.
Locations, where we are currently able to provide people like you with Estate Planning services and, more specifically, Wills in Chelmsford, are currently recognised as being as diverse as Broomfield, Springfield, Boreham, Great Baddow, Boreham, Writtle and Billericay that all fall within the confines of the flourishing city of Chelmsford in the county of Essex.

What do our clients say about us and the service that we are able to provide?

“I put off completing my Will in Chelmsford for years because I thought it would be too time consuming. I am really pleased to say that it took hardly any time at all and I now have peace of mind too.”

Mr B Simms, Great Baddow, Chelmsford

“Unfortunately, my husband and I are no longer as mobile as we used to be so, when it came to getting new Wills in place, we were really worried we would have to make a long journey to complete our Wills in Chelmsford city centre. Fortunately, Andrew was able to come an sort out to see us and sort out our Wills for us in the comfort of our own homes – such a relief!!”

Louise and Michael Bryant, Boreham, Chelmsford

“I am only in my mid-20s so when I told my friends that my partner and I were going to complete our Wills in Chelmsford they thought I was wishing my life away. But, in view of the fact that we are not married, my partner and I wanted to make sure that, if something happened to either one of us, the other would be looked after as much as possible, particularly with our first child on the way. Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services gave us the peace of mind we were seeking.”

Lee Wade and Chloe Brackley, Springfield, Chelmsford

Let’s see how we can help you

If you decide to have a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with us it is Andrew Douglas himself who will deal with your case from start to finish on a one-to-one basis when it comes to getting Wills written for clients like you in Chelmsford and throughout Essex.