Wills Storage in Braintree: The right solution for you at a FIXED LOW COST

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Wills Storage in Braintree

Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services recognises how absolutely vital it is for people like you living in Braintree and throughout Essex to keep your Wills and other important documents in safe and secure storage until such time they are needed to guard them against any potential damage, loss or theft that may befall them.

 On this basis, Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services offer a combination of fixed rate and bespoke options for clients Wills storage in Braintree, along with their other important documents, throughout Essex. The fees that are involved may be paid on an annual or lifetime basis for the storage of Wills in Braintree founded upon the number and kind of document(s) that you would like us to store for you with their own accompanying benefits.

The benefits of Wills storage in Braintree with us:

By signing up for Wills storage in Braintree and/or for the storage of your other important documents with us:

  • You will know where your Will is stored at all times even if Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services were to cease trading since our storage of clients Wills lasts for the length of the option that you take our with us in Braintree.
  • You will have the assurance of knowing that your Will is in a safe and secure location and that only you and your Executors (subject to their having the death certificate) may access it using your own unique code whilst we provide for its storage.
  • You will know that your Will’s storage means that your Will will be replaced FREE of charge in the event that they become lost or damaged whilst in our care in Braintree.
  • You can arrange to collect your Will from our office at anytime for FREE with 24 hours notice (we will also deliver them upon request once per calendar year FREE of charge to you by post).
  • Your Executors will be informed of your Will’s location and how to obtain it from us when the time comes.
  • Whilst your Will is stored with us you will be entitled to a 20% DISCOUNT on all future amendments or additions to your document whilst it whilst we are responsible for its storage in Braintree.
  • If you choose to have your Will amended or rewritten by us at anytime you will NOT have to pay to have us store your Will again for you if you are still paying the annual subscription charge or have paid for Lifetime Storage with us for your Will.
  • You are NOT tied to us so, for example, even though we offer a probate service you are NOT obligated to use it despite storing your Will with us.
  • AND for an additional one-off fee of £46 we can also register your Will with the National Will Register (THIS IS AN OPTIONAL EXTRA) to give the storage of your Wills in Braintree a further benefit.

As you can see from the list of benefits provided above for, for example, taking out Wills storage in Braintree with Andrew Douglas Wills and Legal Services alone, it is surely better for you to store your Wills and other important document(s) with a business like ours to ensure their safekeeping?